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Do You Need A Church?

You need a church! Or do you?! What is the church?! The etymology of the word church has created some chasms in thought in those professing to be Christians. Therefore, I will do my best NOT to broaden the expanse of that gulf.

Jesus himself said that he would build his church on a rock and the gates of hell would not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18). Did he say church? No. He used a different word. The Aramaic is edutha, the Hebrew is quahal, and the Greek is ekklesia. These words mean assembly. Assembly of what? If we look closer at the word ekklesia which is often used when talking about the “church” we see that it means “called out.” So the Assembly of Jesus is those that have been called out. By implication they have also been called in! They have been called out of the world. They have been called into Jesus. They are the called out body of baptized believers in the Lord. The called out ones are to “assemble!”

The word church is an English word that came from Dutch, German and other words which primarily meant a place of worship. Over time you can see how the word church could be used for the assembly. I guess if you got technical you could say the assembly assembles at the church. Smile!

This does not mean we cannot continue to use the word church. We will. It is now part of our vernacular.But we need to understand the ways we use it and its nuances of meaning.

Originally the church (assembly) gathered from house to house and in temple courts. Also since the church was originally Jewish, they sometimes met in synagogues until they were cast out. Later in Roman times they met in catacombs (underground tombs and passage ways). Wherever the church (ekklesia/assembly) could “assemble” it did.

Over the centuries it became possible for nice and not so nice buildings to be built primarily for the local assemblies to meet. It was convenient to have a structure that was built with a purpose in mind. We drive by these buildings and say, “look at that church!” But those buildings would not be a church if it weren’t for the assembly, the people of God. 

Obviously the church can meet wherever it deems fit. But order has been something that God has always wanted and demanded. God sets the church in order as we read in Acts and the Epistles. Along with that order, comes a place to meet,  a time to meet, and a regularity in meeting, and those that oversee the meeting. Every attender is encouraged to be a member of the body (which a metaphor for the local assembly).

We are instructed to turn away from those that have the form but deny the power (2 Timothy 3:5). We should seek, lodge and involve ourselves in local expressions of God’s community where they Holy Spirit is alive and well (John 4:24).

Sadly, the enemy has tricked many into giving up on the church (assembly), because of the imperfections of people (Hebrews 10:23-25). There are many other reasons (excuses) to not assemble, like, being too busy, conflicts, sickness, or apathy.  As a result many have become displaced and never seem to “find” that fit that they think is out there somewhere (Ephesians 4:16). Often they just wing it and never find the place that God wants them to be used and to grow. Wherever this is, it will be a place where God is using imperfect people to carry out his plan. In the midst of this Assembly one can mature and actively serve the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Are all churches of God….of God? No! Are there some that are? Yes! Among the ones that are, how many are perfect? None! If we look back at the New Testament times we see how many situations and problems they had. Why? Because of people (imperfect humans). Why? Because the devil takes advantage of every possible weakness! Nevertheless, instructions have been provided for all these scenarios (Epistles).

Notice the letters to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3. Here we see commendations, rebukes, and instructions. Leaving Sardis, Thyatira, or Pergamos was not an option. Jesus wanted a church in each city. The admonition given was much more urgent for that reason.

The same is true today. We now have the closed cannon of Scripture to help us find a good church. We also have the complete Word of God to deal with any given scenario, from conflict resolution to church discipline. The truth is when we “find” a good church and begin to engage that often the Holy Spirit “sets” us in that local body (1 Corinthians 12:18). We become an organic member of a real corporate expression of Jesus in that area.

It is my view that in these last days we are going to see a line of demarcation that clearly defines the Assembly of Jesus from the false church. However, it will be one in which imperfect people submit to a perfect Jesus and seek to mature in his perfect will and fulfill his excellent assignment (Romans 12:1,2).

I encourage you today to recognize what God is doing in your locale and become an active member of the body of Christ. It won’t be perfect. But it will be what Jesus has started and what Jesus will perfect and finish. You will be a productive part of that growing assembly (Ephesians 2:21) and you will be the better for it too (1 Peter 2:5). Glory be to the Lord (Jesus) of the Assembly (Church)!




Little Foxes

Before the ‘last’ revival starts most will have to deal with some issues in their purview.  We know the Word compares Satan the Devil to a roaring lion that seeks whom he may devour. Of course we think of the large cats in Africa that weigh hundreds of pounds. We know these are ravenous beasts that can quickly tear their prey limb from limb and make a bloody mess out of the carcass as they devour the tasty morsels of carnage.

But, the Devil cannot be everywhere at once. Most of the opposition we have on a personal level can be attributed to a minion of Satan, a demon. This writing’s purpose is not to clarify where the demons came from (I’ll save that for another time), but if you read and believe the Bible you can see that the subject is dealt with over and again.

So demons and sins and issues can be those hindrances to our relationship with Christ even when everything is ripe for the picking. In fact, that is when we may be the most vulnerable. In other words, we can be so enamored by the fragrance of the intimacy of our relationship with Jesus, that we fail to address the lurking entities or distractions that hinder and can even destroy the relationship (Satan would be all for that!)

Although this concept can be applied to any relationship, we are primarily concerned with our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we look in the ancient book of The Song of Solomon, we see a picture of two lovers that are seeking to pursue the ultimate in their union. They want to fully immerse themselves in everything that it was designed to be. But early in the treatise, an ominous and potent threat emerges, “little foxes!”

I saw a little scrawny fox on the trail yesterday. Since I don’t see foxes often, I stopped to get a better look. This particular fox was cuter than a squirrel. As I looked from a distance of about 20 feet, I had an urge to go over and pet the little fellow. Of course that impulse quickly gave way to my schooled rationale, for I knew that even if the little guy allowed me to get close that he would gnaw off one of my fingers. Plus, he could have rabies. So I left him to the wild.

These omnivorous creatures can quickly ruin a vineyard as the Bible so states in Song of Solomon, chapter 2, verse 16. There, the maiden request the gentleman to “catch” the little foxes that spoil the vine!” She recognized that all the effort of this romance could immediately or ultimately be hindered or even ruined if they were ignored. It didn’t matter that they were small. They were foxes and foxes spoiled vines!

These days I see a plague of “little foxes” that have dogged Christians. This pervasive situation has escalated and now lasted so long that folks have forgotten that they had a relationship to protect and nourish. Instead, the little foxes are so cute, thy have become pets in many cases.

The Shulamite woman in our story pleads with the young man to “catch” the foxes. Obviously she wants them trapped and done away with. She realizes that they are very prolific. Little foxes breed and produce more little foxes. Ultimately the fruitful vineyard is rendered a dead pile of brush. The relationship is no more.

If there are things in your life that keep you from getting as close to Jesus as possible, its time to catch and eliminate those little rascals. Don’t keep any pet demons, sins, attitudes or any other “little foxes” for they devour the fruit of a blood bought relationship. Jesus gave us authority, so we need to take it and deal with the foxes.

This concept can apply to anything of value. Don’t allow, even unwittingly relatively small things to breed and become so numerous that a once fragrant garden is nothing more than a desert.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Sometimes I find myself struggling to listen to the words of someone who is trying to persuade me to change my Bible-based perspective on the topics of sexuality and gender. Have you ever faced this?

I find it hard to listen, because I know that their purpose is to justify self-destructive, sinful behavior. I know that God gave us behavioral boundaries for our good, not to stifle us. I’ve been in this ministry long enough to have seen—more times than I can count—that those who cross those behavioral boundaries always pay a high price, and so do their loved ones. The old serpent slithers out of the garden and uses various, devious techniques to draw deceived ones away from biblical truths and across those boundary lines. But regardless of the technique, all of them tie back to questioning the God of the universe: Did God really say?
For instance, my dad was deceived into believing he could become Becky. Genesis 5:2 clearly says, “He created them male and female.” My dad was born a male—a son, a brother, grandson, and later became an uncle, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. Did God really say that He created each of us according to His will? Yes, He did. Psalm 139:14 says God, the Creator, wonderfully and fearfully made each of us, including my dad. That is an undeniable biblical truth.

Each time we deny or ignore a biblical truth we make it a little bit easier to deny or ignore another one. No individual or society ever turned completely away from God in an instant. Apostasy is gradual.

But truth is permanent, isn’t it?  We may sometimes battle with the truth, because it hurts to face the reality or our circumstances. But when we do, we become confused and can end up in rebellion against the loving—but also mighty and holy—God. Paul offers simple instructions: Hate what is wrong and hold on to what is good.
We live in a sinful and fallen world, full of temptations to cross those God-given boundaries and align ourselves with the world’s harmful ways. Doing so can appear very appealing, but it inevitably leads to suffering and heartache. 

God so loved my dad that he sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for him—as well as for you and your loved one who identifies as homosexual or transgender. Hang onto biblical truths—and to the Cross—that will lead to love, patience, and kindness. The Bible is true; it is the foundation upon which we must live our lives. Knowing what the Bible says, and hiding God’s Word in our heart, helps us to discern between harmful deceptions and life-affirming eternal truths.

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11).

How Do You Define Gender

How Do You Define Gender?
This week was full of controversy about the government's role in determining policy related to transgender people. What has surfaced is how illogical it is to believe gender is a mental construct that can differ from one's biological sex.
In a recent interview with a pro-gay activist, Tucker Carlson exposes faulty logic by asking what exactly determines gender.  The LGBT activist cannot offer answers to Carlson's pointed questions such as:
  • ​​What constitutes male and female?
  • Is gender biological, or is it only a matter of one’s perception?
  • How might transgender rights affect gender-specific sports, prison systems, etc.? (For example, is it fair for a male who thinks he’s a female to play on a female sports team? Should a male prisoner who says he’s a female be placed in a female prison?)
As mentioned in previous blog posts, the lack of logic indicates the presence of a demonic stronghold attempting to take root. The end result is that our culture is shifting to normalize transgender identities in the same way we recognize ethnic populations, enforcing laws to prevent discrimination against such populations. However, while ethnicity is hard-wired into your DNA, gender identity is not. Gender dysphoria is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when someone's mental concept of their gender does not match the biological sex that is hard-wired into their DNA. God's normative design is for your gender identity to match your biological sex; if the two are incongruent, that's an indicator of psychological distress that can usually be traced back to wounds in the soul.
I, of all people, understand what it's like to feel trapped inside the body of the "wrong" gender, and I understand why transgender people want to use the restroom that matches the gender identity in their head. I used to sneak into men's restrooms for that very reason. But I also know what it's like to experience resolve to the mental and emotional anguish that fuels the lie that you were born in the wrong body. Today, I'm content in my own body with absolutely no desire to visit men's restrooms like I used to. The answer was not to encourage me to use the men's restroom but rather to address the wounds in my soul that would compel me to reject my god-given gender.
Requiring the general population to adjust to the needs of those who experience gender dysphoria is akin to suggesting we ought to remove mirrors from department stores because those who suffer from anorexia might look into those mirrors and see themselves as fat. The answer is not to remove the mirrors but rather to address the mental and emotional anguish that contributes to the anorexic's dysphoria.
It's time to lovingly point out the lack of logic behind the normalization of transgender identities. It will mean going against the grain of popular culture and being hated by some, but addressing the root issues that contribute to gender dysphoria is the actually most compassionate thing we can do. 

The Voice

Dear Friend,
Have you seen the popular TV show called “The Voice?”  As the program begins, seasoned music industry moguls sit in chairs with their backs turned to contestants.  Without being able to see the vocalists, the panel of judges determines if the voices of these men and women warrant their training and endorsement.  I find it fascinating that one artist is chosen while others who sound fine to me are overlooked.   What are these judges listening for?  What makes them decide to endorse one person over another?

We are living in an age with a cacophony of powerful voices. Each one attempts to convince us of a particular perspective.  At one time, morality was the loudest voice, offering us sound biblical teaching with the Ten Commandments being the greatest moral voice ever heard. The Bible guided our Founding Fathers, as well as every university and every morally great American who has ever lived.

 Now “consensus morality” is the voice that is in vogue, and like a pied piper, it mesmerizes us with its slick arguments and glamorous spokespersons.  These alluring voices have tickled our ears and deceived us into thinking that we will flourish as a successful society without teaching the Bible or following its wisdom and moral codes.
From the mouth of Jesus…

"But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”  Luke 6:48-49"

"Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.  Mark 13:31"

“The truth is revealed in God’s Holy Word; life can be lived only in absolute and disciplined submission to its authority.”  …Chuck Colson
Whose voice are you listening to?  What is shaping your thinking?  To whom are you choosing to give your allegiance?  Your own heart—or the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords?

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

This was originally written on November 29, 2016 and posted on Facebook -

I heard in my spirit the other day a phrase that some will consider trite and trivial. So I hesitated about putting it out. I guess that is ok. The Bible says we are to prove all things. Within one day any number of things began to happen across the face of the planet that reminded me of what I heard. Yet I was still hesitant. 

Now I feel released to say that there will be a quaking, shaking, a remaking and an awakening. I believe that for the most part that is the order in which it will occur. Get ready for some of the most phenomenal, alarming and alerting things to happen in many spheres of activity, from geo-political to cultural to spiritual. Don’t be surprised at the magnitude of events, not just the number.

While it is good to feel a sense of relief and to look forward with a measure of hope, it is not wise to refrain from being vigilant. It is time to increase our sensitivity and discernment. While God has worked a mighty miracle before your eyes, he has not excluded you from the continuing unfolding of events. Each victory gives us a platform from which we can operate with an advantage.

Just a few weeks ago, I stood on the Golan Heights in Israel, looking over into Syria. I beheld a UN post, the area of occupation by ISIS and the place that was presently an area from which Russian and Syrian National Troops went forth. Just a day or so ago mortar shells landed in the Golan Heights from ISIS. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “We will not permit radical Islam or any other hostile entity to open a front of terror against us on the Golan.” see…/Netanyahu-No-attacks-from-ISIS-will-…

The Golan Heights is currently held by Israel as a vantage point, not a border between Syria and Israel. Whoever has this land has a great advantage either in attack or defense!

This is what I want you to understand. God has given us an advantage that we must not surrender. Nevertheless fiery mortars (darts) are being launched by ravenous forces of nefarious intent against us as you read this writing. Our mutual enemy knows he has but a short time. The enemy will step up its activity. Because of this and the simultaneous judgments of the Almighty (though measured ONLY), there will be a quaking and a shaking.

This quaking represents earthquakes literally and figuratively. The shaking happens at the same time. But shaking can mean the agitation of circumstances. Volatile upheavals of the earth, and political, cultural, and societal eruptions, threats of anarchy and intimidation, bullying and militant oppression, shall be indicative of this shaking. 

Sadly revelations of corruption will continue, many will be humiliated because of their persistent indulgences in iniquity. This will happen corporately and individually. As the OT says in at least two places, the skirts will be discovered above the face, and nakedness will be seen by all. (Jeremiah 13:26; Nahum 3:5)” This is a reaping of formerly sowed wild oats!

Then you see the restructuring of hierarchies of stagnant, non productive systems. 

Reformation is sometimes restoration. Get that. It is not always something brand new. With the remaking shall come a great awakening.

The Great Awakening has the potential, depending on the church’s response, to be the 5th of its kind in our nations history. But wait, it can and should be unlike any other before it. The demographic of involvement is vastly different. The availability of technology and understanding has greatly changed. There is also the scope of everything that has happened heretofore that can give perspective to a people with a new God given paradigm. 

This is an exciting hour to be alive. Why?! Because in spite of all the depravity beginning to spew from the gullet of Hell, there is potential for some of the greatest miracles, deliverances and testimonies of victory that have ever been said. I am looking for the wayward to return and, in some cases, pass those that have been twiddling their thumbs with idle passivity. The last shall be first and the first shall be last. Go ahead and shake yourself now, repent and call on the name of Jesus, for the best is yet to come!

Spiritual Warfare

This was originally posted on Facebook on November 21, 2016

What is all this you are seeing and hearing? Real stuff! But I thought our warfare was spiritual. Well here is another angle of looking at spirtual warfare. I hope you can get some inspiration and motivation from it!

-Not Flesh and Blood-

Spiritual warfare. I know you have heard of it. But our concept of this can empower us or inhibit us. Hopefully this write up will assist you by offering a new platform of effective leverage.

Ephesians 6 is probably one of the most well known and popular spiritual warfare scriptures in the Bible. But I believe it has been misunderstood and probably misrepresented by well meaning people. The part I want to zero in on is the phrase, “not against flesh and blood!” 

The impression seems to be that our battle is INVISIBLE and does NOT involve humans, tangible or material elements. The conclusion is we fight this battle in the prayer closet only and just kind of grit our teeth and stubbornly resist the pressures of life. 

This Donald Trump election has been and still is a spiritual battle. I can SEE him and his hair. I can hear him speak, sometimes rather roughly. I see and hear all the flesh and blood people in all areas of influence that are doing everything in their power to stop him from being effective or even from being inaugurated. 

Have you ever asked yourself why is the bulk of the news media, Hollywood, sports, academia and practically every other profession for the most part against Trump? Many in the Republican establishment fought him or up until recently would not support him. Some are still lukewarm in their support. 

Something spiritual is going on. 

He needs our prayers so that he will make the right decisions and walk in divine protection. 

Recently I have realized that Paul’s point (in Ephesians 6) was NOT that there was NO physical, material or visible aspect to our fight. 

Remember David and Goliath? Visible. Real rock.
Remember Gideon? Visible. Real trumpets and lamps.
Remember Joshua and Jericho? Real Walls. Real swords.
It would take too long to remind you of every real battle. But you have to admit that every one of these was “Spiritual Warfare!” There was the miraculous aspect, the invisible facet that actually brought the deliverance. Angels and demons were behind each side!

But some might say that was Old Testament, now we are living in New Testament times!

Okay. Paul was really stoned. He really pled his case before Festus and Felix. Peter was really a chicken when confronted by the girl at the fire while Jesus was being grilled. The cross was a real tree and there were real nails. Every single conflict had its tangible and three dimensional aspect. But you have to know that all were also spiritual. There was the dimension that Paul is stressing, the one we often overlook or don’t prioritize.

Therefore, when Paul says our battle is not against flesh and blood, when he says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, he is saying more that what many think. I believe he is pointing out that if we limit our adversity to only coincidence, happenstance, or bad luck we are missing what is really happening. If we confine our understanding to people that are in a bad mood, with ulterior motives, or just evil people, we are missing the greatest part of the battle! All that is in the visible realm is a result of something much deeper. If we don’t recognize that, we won’t win. 

Look at any of the conflicts mentioned in my lists and remove the spiritual aspect, remove God’s miraculous intervention, and/or remove the participation of angels on assignment; then the outcome would have been much different. Maybe the altercation would not have even occurred; because behind all that is the instigator or all nefarious activity, the prince and the kingdom of darkness.

When you recognize that confrontations are spiritual, then you can begin to properly find your place and leverage your effectiveness. You can go into the prayer closet with purpose and tear down strongholds by praying in the Spirit. You can petition the Heavenly Father in Jesus’ Name and go forth and confront the enemy that manifests in a person, a professional, a business, a political arena with means that have been trusted to you as a Christian. 

No we won’t be shooting guns wildly into the air or swinging fists at folks we differ with, but we won’t be chicken liver, intimidated cowards either! We will find a way with the wisdom of God and the fruit of the Spirit to stand up to be seen and to speak up to be heard. We will NOT allow the enemy to pursue and enact his agenda with little or no push back. 

The fight is on. Even though the election is over, the battle rages hotly. Go into the prayer closet with boldness and courage and come out ready to be the warrior and influencer that God put you in this world to be! The battle is spiritual it does not originate in flesh and blood (people), the source is much stronger, deeper and less obvious to those that don’t discern. 

But greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! 1 John 4:4


On Thursday, July 7, 2016, I heard the word, “outbreak” in my spirit. I want you to look for the word to be used more often in describing recent upcoming events. There are three major categories I believe you will see this in.


The first one that might come to your mind is “terrorism!” Obviously the radical islamist ideology has captured the minds of many and caused them to follow a course that led them to the most heinous crimes of murdering hundreds of innocent people. This is already happening pretty often, so you might describe it as an outbreak. However, I say this is the beginning of sorrows of this nature and the word, “outbreak” will begin to fit it more and more. Along with this will be the outbreak of violence on a scale that we haven’t seen in a long time, if ever. Much of it will be racially and politically motivated and agitated. So the first one involves violence!


The second can be related to terrorism and most likely will in many cases. This is pestilence. For several decades we have been warned of this disease and that sickness. We have been warned of bees and mosquitos. We have been warned of viruses by personal contact and even of the airborne kind. But, the most ominous breakouts will occur in a manner that cause great anxiety and fear to dismantle the sound minds and strong hearts of many. Because of the tampering with the health care system and its fall out, you will see complications that make treating people in some cases seem almost impossible.


Before I mention number three, let me warn those that might say, “it can’t happen here!” Many have been lulled into sleep (Romans 13:11). This has happened for more that one reason, but the one that comes to mind is the idea that small town USA is not on the radar. It will come to pass that some of the things that typically happen in the big cities where populations are swelling will happen in the most unlikely places of relative obscurity. There are some places that are safer than others and there are some safe places; but there is no room for complacency these days. Be vigilant!


Number three was the activity relating to our earth. Weather and geo-phenomenon will happen in a way that provokes the usage of the term, “outbreak.” I know this could provoke a question about the discussion of “global-warming or climate change!” But that is not the purpose of this particular blog post. Need I only repeat the words of Jesus that among other things there will be “earthquakes in diverse places!?” Look for volcanic eruptions, floods, unusual weather patterns, tidal waves, etc. Look for things to happen that require a new term in order to make reference to it.


Outbreak is pending. But another word came to me that counters this for the Christian. That is the word “breakthrough.” We need to break out of our ruts and break through in prayer. We need to breakthrough the shroud that has laden us with lethargy!  We need to break out of robotic and hypnotic behaviors brought on by burn out and despondency. We need to break out of the monotony of the status quo. Today is the day of breakthrough (deliverance) for God’s people. A God encounter and a spiritual breakthrough can save us during the time of OUTBREAK!

July Fireworks

For obvious reasons we could discuss the great celebration that takes place every year as we reflect on some of the history of our great country. 


Then there is the play on words that regretfully causes us to think of the unfortunate people that have lost their homes and property in recent western wild fires. Pray for those people when you get the chance!


We could also talk about the political passion that is “heating” up as we round the corner of the halfway point of this year and head for election day. Oh it is going to get hot! Our country is in peril! Pray for our country!


July is right in the middle of the hot summer, so what else is new? I could say these times are unprecedented or I could say these days are like the days of Noah. We have almost lost our way as a nation. Notice the word almost. I am holding onto that word. I am holding on to that concept.


One may say, “someone pray that God stays His hand. Okay. But God has been staying his hand. He has been reaching out to us. He has been reaching out to our nation, yet we have decisions by the Supreme Court like a few days ago. The Supremes, albeit only 8 of them (since Justice Scalia’s untimely and somewhat suspicious death), voted 5-3 to strike down a Texas Law that would have only made it a little more difficult and a lot more “safe” for a woman seeking an abortion. But the SC said no, basically again allowing women to get abortions because they decide to, and that without guidelines that would make things less dangerous. God will no longer look the other way after almost 60,000,000 babies have already been aborted since Roe vs. Wade.


Because of thwarting God’s purpose at every turn, we are about to see and hear things we never thought we would. I know that is already the case. But it is only a sample, it is only a sign of things to come. It is hard for me to see us getting out of this year without some major scars. So what about July?


Look and see the opportunists come out of the wood work. Both major party conventions take place in July. There are always protestors. Free speech is part of the American way. But look for the opportunists and agitators to abuse the freedom by jeopardizing those around them. I believe you will see violence from both sides of the spectrum. Insert into that the radical Islamist element that attempts to fly under the radar and then ultimately take credit for tragedies. Then liberal politicians will again rant and rail about guns and curtailing or doing away with The Second Amendment.


As the nefarious activity increases, it will be hard to know which direction to look. Some will put the blame where it most certainly doesn’t belong. Others will take blame when it doesn’t belong to them. You will hear rumors and reports that will make your hair stand on end. Accusations will fly. Insults will be hurled. But that is just the verbal fallout. One provocation after another will cause some to finally “lose it.” This is a time where we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.


I have heard that firefighters sometimes purposely burn some areas in order to control wild fire. I suggest the fire of the Holy Spirit to render the fires of hell impotent in your life and in mine. Get “on fire” for God and keep burning like the burning bush of Moses time! That is the fire that works!

  1. In the beginning God>>Elohim<< created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1)! In spite of what atheists, evolutionists, Darwinist, and pagans believe!
  2. 2. God made a distinction between light and darkness and he separated them! (Genesis 1:3) They don't mix!
  3. Elohim intentionally made humans and he made them male and female on purpose, for a purpose! >>>Good news! God is not confused about sex/gender! Neither was the government until recently! (Genesis 1:27)
  4. Everything that God (Elohim) does is good and everything he makes is good. (Genesis 1:31) It is not to be changed into something else. That is called perversion!
  5. Elohim (God) set aside a day for rest and worship! Genesis 2:3
  6. God intends for mankind to have an intimate walk and relationship with him. But in order to do that there is a carnal knowledge he must avoid (eschew)! Genesis 2:16,17
  7. God started the institution of marriage with the intention that it was to be intimate and between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24,25)
  8. Satan lies to people by convincing them that God's Word doesn't mean what He says! Genesis 3:1-5 This goes on all the time today in public, politics, schools, colleges, churches, and conversations! Watch out!!
  9. I have used the words God (English) or Elohim ((Hebrew for God) so far. Before long we will be introduced to God's name. There is power in his name! (Genesis1:1)
  10. Eve was deceived by the nacash (serpent) and Adam couldn't stand the thought of losing Eve so he ate. Sin entered the world through him. (Genesis 3:12,13; Romans 5:12; 1 Tim. 2:14)
  11. We cannot sin with impunity! Sin has consequences! Genesis 3:9-19
  12. Elohim wants to have regular fellowship with us! - Genesis 3:8,9
  13. We are not to allow sin to rule our lives! (Genesis 4:7; Romans 6:12) As you can see, we need God's help!
  14. Elohim has a name! Genesis 4:26 He is introduced here as YHWH (Yahweh). There comes a time when people will call on his name! Joel 2:32
  15. From the beginning of man's sin, Yahweh began to show pictures of the coming Messiah and redemption! Genesis 3:15,21 There are over 300 Messianic prophetic promises!
  16. Yahweh intended people to live eternally! Sin changed that and the lifespan of man began to decrease even though it was long to begin with! But the Messiah is coming! (Genesis 5)
  17. Men and women, as husbands and wives, began to multiply, having children. God intended to bring the Messiah and eventually would. However, Satan sought to circumvent Yahweh's plan! Genesis 6:1-3
  18. In the days of Noah, before the flood, there was great wickedness! Every intention of the heart of man was on evil continually! Genesis 6:5
  19. Wickedness comes and increases when there is an unholy mixing of lineages that God has forbidden (unequal yoking, 2 Corinthians 6:14)! Compromise ensues and unholy arts are learned and indulged in! (Genesis 6:1-5;11-13)
  20. Yahweh will allow wickedness to run its course (so far), but there will come a day of reckoning! (Genesis 6:11-13)
  21. Yahweh means business when he tells angels and mankind to stay in their assigned places and not to mix! Genesis 6:2-13; 2 Peter 2:4,5; Jude 6
  22. God's grace and favor bring us the opportunity for salvation! Genesis 6:8,9; 7:1 
  23. Yahweh will provide a place of safety for those that are right with him during the time of judgment! (Genesis 7:1; Psalm 91;Isaiah 26:20,21)
  24. There is an ongoing "seed war" between God's seed and Satan's seed! (Genesis 3:15; Genesis 6:4-8;Col. 2:15; Romans 16:20)
  25. There is a "secret place" that Yahweh's people can enter into for protection and preservation. When God shuts the door, it is secure. (Genesis 7:16; Psalm 91:1) This idea is the type of the coming Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).
  26. God created the earth and its fullness. He created TWO genders, joined them in an institution called marriage. He also made the rainbow as a symbol of his covenant promise after the flood. Therefore it should NOT be used for anything that is diametrically opposed to his will! Genesis 1-9; 9:7-17
  27. If you look closely at the ancestors of the nations of the world, you can tell to a large extent how and why significant historical happenings occurred! (Genesis 10)
  28. 28. The SIN of moving out of assigned realms and roles has been the scourge upon history, whether angels or humans! Tower of Babel! But God will have NONE of it! ‪#‎Nimrod‬ ‪#‎Nations‬ ‪#‎Languages‬ Genesis 11
  29. Yahweh will not leave himself without a witness. He will always have a remnant. He will always have a man. He will put his call upon that person. It could be you and me! But we will have to leave our country (sin) and go with his promises to the promised land! Genesis 12
  30. The people that God calls, saves, and sanctifies, and gives his promises to, are to be distinct from the people of the world! Genesis 17
  31. The "seed" of the woman promised by Yahweh was under constant assault and still is. But that seed will super"cede" and triumph over the serpent's seed each time until this great Cosmic Conflict is ultimately over! Genesis 16-18
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