Charles Manson and Salvation?

Charles Manson is the essence of evil. With a swastika between his eyebrows, and hypnotic intimidating eyes, he reflects the sordid life that he has lived. He has been in prison for decades with a life sentence because California ditched the death penalty in 1972, not too long after her was found guilty of perpetrating several murders. His parole has been denied 12 times. Now he is hanging by a thread between life and death in a hospital in Bakersfield, California. Could he be saved in his last moments? Is it possible that he repents and believes on the real Jesus (of Nazareth)? I confess I prayed for his soul last night.

Susan Atkins (alias Sadie Glutz) and Tex Watson were both part of “The Family.” While they were in prison after the Tate and LaBianca murders, they both had a conversion experience and got saved. I know. I read both of their books decades ago. Though Tex apparently killed the people in the Polanski house that night, Susan Atkins at one time claimed to take the blood of the slain Sharon Tate and write Pig on the door with her fingers.

Manson claimed to have been communicated with by the Beatles through several songs on their “White Album!” The one most often cited is “Helter Skelter!” Manson, a real white supremacist, said the message the Beatles (they of course didn’t know) sent him was to start the apocalypse, called Helter Skelter. Claiming to be both Jesus and Satan, depending on the day, Manson preached that he was the Messiah and that his followers would rule the world with him. First he claimed they must accelerate a race war. So through mind control he psyched his followers, including Susan and Tex to commit two separate murder scenarios and make it look like it was the “Black Panthers’” war on police. This was done by writing urban slurs in blood at the scene of the crime. His strategy said a race war would ensue, the Black Man would overthrow Whitey and the system. While all this was going on, he would lead his bunch into the desert for safety. Being a while supremacist, he said then they would return and rule the world in the in peace, because of their superior intelligence (racist ideology). He claimed to get the instructions to start this war from the Beatles’ White Album!

If you look at what I just described in a bigger picture, you can see that the demons that haunted this troubled man have already been loosed on society. So many parallels to the happenings of the day can be found. If you dig deeper into the story, it is more and more obvious. The attack on police, the attempt by those in power to pit one group against another, including white and black, the rampage of murders, and the weird cultic philosophies of all kinds.

As a little bit of an aside, a rock singer and group named after Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe, thus Marilyn Manson (not his real name) is an example of the spread of this demonic influence (although he is not guilty of such sordid crimes). Marilyn Manson is a man, though androgynous in appearance and name. MM is an avid admirer of Anton LaVey who started the modern day, “Church of Satan” back in the 60’s and wrote the Satanic Bible. Charles Manson used mind control, drugs, sex, and demons to harness his followers wills. Though you can see differences here between these two men, you can also see the demonic influence in both.

The demonic activity that worked in Charles Manson for decades, especially in those late 60s in that misfit hippie cult will continue to intensify in its manifestation in our country. You can see it in entertainment and politics right now. We are beginning to see the depth of the corruption as the covers are being blown off. Its not a pretty picture. Its not a very safe time out there in society.

On and on I could go, but back to the original question. Can Charles Manson be saved? Well if I read the Bible correctly the answer is that “whosoever will (John 3:16)” can be. But it is crucial to see that it is a matter of the will. We can deduce that while whosoever will can be saved that manysoever (my new word) won’t!

Bottomline is I don’t know if Charles Manson will repent and believe that there is a real Jesus Christ of Nazareth and that he has offered to save the vilest offender. But if he does, he can be saved. This is something to think about and pray about as we watch these waning moments of another infamous person’s life!

The good news is that you and I can be saved now and for eternity regardless of our past, if we will put our faith in the merit of the work Jesus did for us on Calvary’s Cross (His death, his burial, and his resurrection!) Thank God I am free from this world of sin!

The Martian Invasion

The Martian Invasion

Martians are from Mars. Well, that is the thought that fits in somewhere with UFOs and aliens from outer space. There have been many reported abductions over the years where the victim claims that odd space creatures took them on board spacecraft and did gross experiments on them after which they were released with a tormenting memory and perhaps some side effects, not to mention a change in their worldview.

Are these stories legit? Are these creatures real? Do we have anything to worry about? My short answers are depends, depends, and no! The purpose of this writing is not to do an in depth study of these happenings nor to chronicle a number of stories. Rather it is to draw a parallel between the concept and another not so different idea. 

Suppose I told you that these “Martians” are already here. Okay this discussion could take a number of routes. Let’s take this one.

In the Book of Acts Paul the Apostle on one of his missionary journeys enters the city of Athens. ‘An ancient proverb declared that there were more gods in Athens than men, and wherever the Apostle looked, in niches and on pedestals, in temples and on street corners, were gods and demigods. Busts of Hermes were on every corner and statues and altars were in the courtyard of every home.’ (Int.Art.)

So we see gods a plenty in the Greek culture. I know you have heard of the mythology of the Greeks. Have you considered the myths were based on some kind of reality? Probably not! Too hard to debate in this short writing, but consider it as we continue.

Perhaps out of these many different religious bents arose the desire to discuss the philosophy of life. But there was no one philosophy. While there were many philosophers, there was always the desire to hear or tell something new. Maybe that’s because nothing seemed to satisfy. They had itching ears and heaped to themselves teachers that would tell them what somehow would resonate in their hearts (2 Timothy 4:3). 

These philosophers would hold court on top of a hill, called, “Mars” Hill. Admittedly that is the Roman name for the god of war. In Greek, the same god is Ares, so the hill is called ‘Mars’ Hill or the ‘Are’opagus in the Bible. Thus my reference to “Martians!”

These Martians invited Paul up to discuss the relevance and reality of a philosophical concept called the resurrection. That is when Paul took a text and preached a sermon about the unknown God (the one True God).

If you do more than probe, you will find that the root cause of all paganism and false god worship is a rebellious desire to know divine knowledge. It is a desire to be in favor with a god or to be like a god. I am purposely not capitalizing god because the point is humans are rebels to the One True God. It is a desire to know something new, but usually without repentance, thus the deceptive philosophies of the world.

God has repeatedly said since the Garden, don’t touch That Tree (the knowledge of good and evil). But man wants the forbidden knowledge and he keeps going for it, in the Garden, in the antediluvian age, the tower of Babel and so forth. Always there are consequences because what we have here is perpetual “trans”gression in the quest for Martian philosophies and ideologies. Paul told them that they were too superstitious.

It is a transgression to be influenced by the Martians whether they be the ancient or modern pagans. 

Quantum leap to now. 

How does this apply to us? Well, some believe that the manifestation of aliens (Martians) are demons that are going to ultimately be a part of the “strong delusion, 2 Thessalonians 2:7-11).” I don’t have time to lay out this consideration here. So let me continue by rapidly moving you through the demonically inspired transgressions that have brought us to a time in which humans could even consider worshipping an “image” of a beast that could have “life” and “speak” (Revelations 13)!

These transgressions are a >progression< away from the >directions< of Yahweh by listening to the >suggestions< of Satan:

>Children are cheap and they can be abused and die (abortion, sex traffic, and slavery)

>Same sex sex (no children) Male/Male Female/Female

>A man can become a woman or a woman can become a man (that is called “trans”gender) (Here again no children or complete confusion for those that somehow are raised in these contexts)

>Now we move beyond all this aberrant Martian philosophy (something always new) to an even newer thought, that of >trans-humans!<

What is a trans-human, you may ask?! Well, you know what a human is. But what lies beyond humanity? One might say, ‘God,’ to which I would agree. So does that mean that a trans-human is a god? Well, lets think about it a minute. 

Oh and by the way, if you think this is a waste of time, all you have to do is an internet search and you will find more articles about the study, effort, and quest to perfect what many of us use to call robots. 

You will learn the meaning of such terms as artificial intelligence (shortened to AI), singularity, eugenics and more.

Now plenty of articles are written about these new humans or Humans 2.0. Here humanity has supposedly entered into the so called evolutionary process and attempted to make something better than us. Here again we see all the trappings of all the transgressions here-to-fore. God will stop it before it goes too far, but not before the Beast rises out of the sea and demands that men everywhere buy and sell with his name and number. He will demand worship that only belongs to Yahweh. The “Martian” invasion will make it look like he is successful until the one that said I Am the First and the Last puts an end to it (Revelation 1:17;22:13; Revelation 19:20;20;10). 

It is better to be a real REDEEMED human than a Martian any day!