The Gift of Prophecy
December 10, 2017     .     10:30 am - 11:30 am
Some when they hear, "The Gift of Prophecy", think of a psychic like Jean Dixon.  They think of the ability to predict the future without attribution to any particular source. Terms and concepts like ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) became part of the "New Age" lists of powers that were available for those that would study and learn how to find that inner latent ability. But in reality everything afore mentioned is only a counterfeit of the real supernatural empowerment found in the Gifts of the Spirit. One such gift is the Gift of Prophecy. This gifts while sometimes predictive is not confined only to that feature. Neither is it soley the possession of the person with the Office of the Prophet. We are going to take a look today at how you and your fellow Christian can be a blessing in the area of the prophetic which very well may include, The Gift of Prophecy!