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True giving must be expectant. You are dealing with God, and He is able to give back. Many people get nervous about this. They say, That is giving in order to be given to. That is selfish giving. I would grant that it is possible to view giving to God selfishly, but there is nothing wrong with recognizing that you will be benefited by your giving, because the Word everywhere tells us that. If you do not give, something happens to you. The boundaries of your experience are narrowed and reduced and you become a tight, stingy, Scroogelike person.

But, on the other hand, those who learn to give, and give for right reasons, become generous, gracious, godly-minded people. That is what Paul is talking about here. God is able to give back. It is not wrong for you to give with that recognition in mind, for everything we have ultimately comes from Him. When you eat a loaf of bread, you ought to remember the steps in producing it: the snowy flour, the mill, the field of wheat, the rain, and the Father's will. Therefore, everything comes from His hand -

Thanks for being faithful and investing in the Kingdom of God and Victory Temple. In the year 2017 we will pay off the mortgage of our church. We appreciate you getting excited and helping us do that!

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