110. Timing! There is a time for everything. Isaachar's sons were known for discerning times and thus knowing what Israel must do (1 Chronicles 12:32). Pharisee's were rebuked by Jesus for being armchair meteorologists, but not being able to discern the times (Matthew 16:1-3). Jesus told his disciples that God is the ultimate decision maker of when certain season is ordered. He then says our obligation is to be full of the Holy Ghost so he can show us things to come (Acts 1:6-8;John 16:13)! Do you know what time it is? It is high time to awaken out of sleep (Romans 13:11)! Ecclesiaste 3

111. Lookin' for love in all the wrong places! Lyrics of a 1980 song sum it up as does Solomon in Ecclesiastes 12. Your quests are basically all immoral and futile if they are not centered around reverence for Yahweh and his commandments. No wonder America has fallen; because bad leaders and gullible followers have swerved from this timeless path! Relevant Biblical Theology #Beforethesilvercordisbroken Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes 12:13,14

112. In the DISC model of personality profiling by William Marston (1926), an overwhelming 69 % of the people are dominant S's. Added to that, we all have an S in our profile somewhere. S's are people who are steady, stable, consistent. They love people, but with a more passive dynamic. They are team players. They do NOT like change. Nevertheless, because we have drifted over time from God's model, the time for drastic change (repentance and faith) has come.Isaiah wondered, as do today's true prophets, "Who is believing our message?!" Isaiah 53

113. Murder! Abortion is murder. There is blood on the hands of our nation. Stats say around 60 million and climbing! If you choose one candidate, this will continue. She has even said we need to change our deep seated religious beliefs! Somehow I think Jeremiah and Yahweh disagree! Jeremiah 1 - Relevant Biblical Theology #weepingprophet

114. Church, America, if we REPENT now! We won't have to LAMENT our fall later!Lamentations

115. God is requiring true prophetic people to stand up and speak TRUTH! Keep your hands clean and don't worry about being called derogatory names! Ezekiel 3 & 13

116. A last day group of strong overcoming Christians (including many youth, natural and physical) will be strong and do mighty works! Daniel

117. Get ready for angelic manifestations! Some you won't identify till later!! Daniel 12, Hebrews 13:2 

118. No matter who is elected president in November or who is the ruler of this/that other nation, the time will come when the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ! Daniel; Revelation 11:15

119. There is a way back, backslider! Come back to God, he still loves you! Hosea

120. Wonders will be shown by the Lord in the heavens and the earth and he will pour out his Spirit before that Day of the Lord arrives. Be filled with the Spirit and be alert! Joel

121. Wake before the quake and the shake that IS coming! God's raising up shepherds, fruit farmers, and others from obscurity to speak his word of prophesy, warning, and revival! Amos

122 It will come to a head. God will judge the nations. But he makes a way of escape on Mt. Zion. Accept his Messiah today (Jesus) Obadiah 15-17.

123. Mocking Jesus, and Christians is not a wise thing. Jesus said that there is a wicked generation looking for a sign. One given would be the sign of Jonah! Jonah

124. Recognize HIM! Out of the little hick town of Bethlehem comes the Ruler who's going forth has been from "everlasting!" Micah 5:2 Relevant Biblical Theology ....please see the blog post below on Recognizing God and receive a prophetic impartation!
125. Earth will be covered with the knowledge of the LORD after Yahweh brings to naught the vain imaginations of the nations! Habakkuk 2:13,14; Psalm 2; Zechariah 14; Ezekiel 40-48; Revelation 19 and 20
126. Shame! No shame! Where did shame go?! Yahweh's going to take care of that! Zephaniah 3:5; all of 3
127. Shake, shake, shake! Why will the LORD shake the nations?! So that the treasures of all nations can come in and the house (TEMPLE) will be filled with glory! Haggai 2:7
128. News! Bad and good! The Day of the Lord is coming. Bad news for the wicked! Good news for the righteous! Zechariah 14, Malachi 4
129. Temper, temper! Unbridled anger never leads one into the right action! Take a break. Draw a breath! Pray! Refocus! Then take the proper action. Matthew 5:21-26
130. Healing! Today!! For you I say - be healed! In Jesus' name! The healer has come! Matthew 9:27-31; 15:19-21; Acts 10:38 and many more in Matthew
131. Miracles. There is a miracle for every impossible "need!" Get close to the miracle worker today! Mark
132. As the demonic activity increases, there will also be a an increase in DELIVERANCE! Mark 1:21-28; 5:1-14; 9:14-29
133. Even though the arch to the Temple of Baal was unveiled in New York City last week, God will put his FINGER on it and cast it out! Luke 11:14-2
134. Heed! Take heed!! If you were once saved and delivered, do not walk away empty. Fill up with Jesus. Get filled with the Holy Spirit! Why? Because the unclean spirit looks for vacancies and vacuums, then moves in with his buddies! Luke 11:24-26
135. Birth! No matter what immoral proclivity or hell bent pattern mankind blames on his birth. The purported excuse is swept away by Jesus, when he says, "You must be born again!" John 3;4
136. Haters! What Jesus says of the world in its attitude toward Christians! No surprise!
137. Holy Ghost! Peter and Joel AGREE that before sun dark and moon blood, Yahweh will pour out His Spirit on all people groups! Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:14-21
138. Fools. Wise guys (people) foolishly ignore God's clear revelation and esteem themselves as the ultimate arbiters of truth thus winding up in all kinds of sin and perversion not even being able to distinguish proper boundaries, lines, principles and values! But there is NO excuse! Romans 1:18-32
139. Sex! By God. For Marriage (Man and Woman). Sexual immorality is forbidden. Christians' bodies belong to God, bought with blood of Jesus. Glorify God with devotion and purity! 1 Co. 6:12-20; 7; Hebrews 13:4
140. COEXIST?! I don't think so! We are to be yoked to only Jesus! Idolatry is a problem. Even in America. People try to MIX other philosophies and creeds with worshipping Yahweh! He won't have it! 1 Corinthians 10:14-22; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18
141. All roads DO NOT lead to God! Yet today we are suppose to be soft toward all philosophies and "gospels!" There is only one! The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Never changes, never will! Galatians 1:6-10
142. War! We are at war with a mutual enemy that has lowdown friends in high places. This means we need to put on our armor and take our weaponry daily! Including praying in the Spirit! Ephesians 6:10-20
143. Panic! Anxiety!! Thwart these with peace that out ranks them, when you think on the right things! Philippians 4:6-8
144. Awake! Those that come to know the LORD will also become increasingly aware of the signs of the season! 1 Thessalonians 5:1
145. Law? Lawlessness! Why do we have such a break down in law, order, traditions, and values in every part of society including government? Because the MYSTERY of lawlessness is already at work preparing the way for the man of sin! 2 Thess. 2
146. Demons! Deceiving spirits! Many listen and give heed to them in the last days says the Holy Ghost! That explains a lot! 1 Timothy 4:1
147. Brains! Lots of people learning lots of things but ignorant of the TRUTH that is only in Yahweh's Word! 2 Timothy 3
148. Motivation! Grace appears, becomes our teacher and points us toward His coming! Blessed hope! Going that way now! Titus 2:11-13
149. Signs! The wise will notice, recognize and heed the signs as we approach His coming! You will see more visible and undeniable signs! 2 Peter 3:10-13
150. Tongue. Taming the tongue can only be done by yielding to the Holy Spirit. What people say has powerful positive and destructive possibilities. Lying, slandering, gossiping, deception, false teaching, and name calling. Wow. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit will help you tame your tongue. Stay full of the Holy Ghost! James 3:1-12, Acts 2:4, Jude 20
151. TEST! Test the spirits! It is important TONIGHT that you look beyond what might be presented to you by the news media, the "moderators", the pundits, and even the presidential candidates and see what might be ahead for America. We must be people of keen discernment and ready to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 44:24-28; 1 John 4:1-6
152. Imitate! Don't imitate evil. Just quit trying to emulate those in the limelight that are diametrically opposed to everything right. 3 John 1:9-12
153. Animals. Those acting animalistic, like Cain, like Balaam, like Korah, driven by base rationale will go headlong into destruction! Jude 10,11
154. If Enoch saw the coming of the Lord from where he was, we surely ought to be able to see it from our vantage point! Jude 14, 15
155. Thunder! We don't know how everything will unfold, but we do know that it won't be delayed much longer! Revelation 10:1-7; Hebrews 10:37 ; 1 Cor. 15: 50-52
156. Beast! DNA! If your name is not in the Lamb's Book, you will worship the Beast! You can see the system developing now. Powerful forces are pushing, pulling, manipulating, deceiving...But God!!! Revelation 13
157. Babylon. Falling!! Babylon that made the earth drunk on sexual immorality will fall! So get out now! Come out of Babylon if you belong to Jesus! Revelation 18:1-10
158. Globalism! No man! The Rider on the white horse will strike down the nations and rule them with a rod of iron, because He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Make sure you are riding with Jesus! Revelation 19:11-16