Hi! I am Rick Bowen, the pastor at Victory Temple. Recently I felt it important to add this page to our website.

As I looked across the church landscape, locally and nationally, it occured to me that a shift was taking place! This shift was happening so fast that many dizzy, dazzled, damaged, and dead (spiritually speaking) people were left in its wake! Up until now, there has been a relatively slow, but sure, transition taking place in the American church where protocol, propriety, even morals and doctrine were evolving into the kind that might be described as "seeker friendly".

A significant amount of time has transpired since this began; so there were many that didn't seem to recognize the degree of change that occured. As a result many wound up compromising their Biblical stance and some even gave up. Upon giving up, some attacked the positions they once held and even the people that held them.

Now I feel impressed of the Holy Spirit to prophetically state that the distinction between the true church and the false church is going to become more apparent to the discerning. This will cause many to have to make difficult choices. Should I attend a church where there is  a watered down message, or should I seek out the truth, even as God is seeking the true worshippers?!

So my answer to you is this. If you are attending a Bible believing church now, continue to do so! Support and participate in that church with all your might and commitment. If you are not attending a local church, or if you are not in a church that points to the Bible as the one and only standard of truth, its time to get in a church where you still hear about the blood, the cross, repentance, holiness, the coming of the Lord, right living, the Holy Spirit and His gifts. It is time to find a church where true worship is happening each week!

If this describes you, come see us soon! Look for the schedule of services on the home page or the event tab.

May 2020 be your best ever as you put the Lord first in your life! This years theme for us is Clarity (Discernment, Dreams and Visions)!
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