The 2023 FAST

                                   Guidelines/Set Your Sails (Secure/Adjust/Intercede/Lift/See)                                                  

January 7th-27th                            

Option One -

Week 1: January 7-13  3 (or less) meals consisting of chicken or fish and sides, no desserts, no snacks, (Be as restrictive as you can)

Week 2: January 14- 20 3 meals consisting of vegetables, grains, fruits, and nuts, no meats or desserts. No sugared drinks (real juice is ok), no snacks, (Daniel Type)

Final Week: January 21-27 (6PM)   2 meal, same restrictions as week 2 (Consider a complete food fast for 1-3 days)

This is a modified fast! The purpose is that all can participate whether working, special medical considerations, or otherwise.

Option Two -Do a total fast for a meal, a day or several days. Or do a complete Daniel Type Fast for 21 DAYS.


• A day of Daniel Fast before the fast begins. 

Grocery shopping with the fast in mind. What you bring into your house will be a temptation to cut corners. 

A mindset of humility and repentance!

• Daily personal prayer (prayer guides by request/GiveHim15App.)

• Pray for nation, revival, church, family, vision, maturity, and growth (Romans 12:1-2, Improvement). 

• The spirit of the fast is to draw closer to God, to cleanse your body, and to establish good habits for 2020. 

• Get Ready for the WIND as this will be an eventful year!                 

You are entering a season of MIRACLES!

>>>Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (Ja. 4:8)<<<