Ruth Bowen

Administrative Pastor 

Ruth is an excellent anointed speaker! She has become a favorite at Victory Temple for her timely and challenging messages! In 2023, you should be hearing a lot more of her excellent homilies. Listen closely. Take notes. Remember the precepts that she shares. You will be the better for it! Her insight and ideas are essential for the health of our assembly!

In December of 2019, Ruth earned her Bachelor in Bible and Theology as she graduated with high honors from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. What a powerful effort, example and accomplishment!

You can watch her latest sermon by clicking going to the Victory Temple Church Facebook Page or The Victory Today Streaming Page on Rumble!  Ruth also assists in administration of pertinent aspects of the working and structure of Victory Temple. There is not much she can't/doesn't do. Feel free to call on her for advice.

For about eight years now, by the inspiraton of God, Ruth has started and maintained an emerging powerful prayer ministry that is has made its way into the Kingdom limelight, called C-4. This ministry takes place most every Sunday evening at Victory Temple, from 6:30 - 7:30 PM (with a few annouced exceptions). It is one solid area of explosive and productive prayer. The four primary areas of prayer are 
Children, and

Prayer Warriors assume different places and postures throughout the hour as the lights and music are adjusted to created an atmostphere that fascilitates prayers. When weather is conducive, some even walk the 14 beautiful acres as they pray and lift hands and requests to God.

Please feel free to come and pray with us. If you would like to start a local chapter of C-4 please contact Ruth Bowen at 

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