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Demonized Robots

Demonized Robots

by Rick Bowen on January 17, 2018
I remember going to a graduation ceremony a few years ago where the highly sophisticated and techno-genius graduates were told by the speaker to go out and “save the world!” Of course being a Holy Ghost filled preacher, that stood out to me like the continuous ricocheting of echoing thunder (redundancy intended)! Technology has truly surpassed anything most of us have ever imagined.

But it is going along on a trajectory that the innovative minds of this world HAVE imagined (remember the genre, Science Fiction?!). The focus for this writing is “robots!” Robots have already advanced human productivity. Like most technology, the motive of improving life, efficiency and effectiveness is kind of hard to oppose. But its advances present ethical and moral challenges. Some of these are not easy to answer. Let me start with this qualifier. I am all for improvements that help our quality of life. But that is just the point. Once you use the word LIFE you get into the realm of theology. The theology of the Bible gives parameters for life that one would do well to heed!

Let me cut to the chase. Can a robot be demon possessed? The first sound of it strikes you as farfetched. The truth is you have to believe that there are demons and you have to be aware that there are robots or the concept falls into nothingness. But for those of us that believe the Bible, we know that demons are a spiritual reality. Further we know that robots have been invented and improved. But I doubt we know the extent of the advances.

Recently, I have seen the heading of several articles written about the robots of the day becoming more human like. They can communicate, mobilize, compute thoughts, and even, get this, have sex! In fact some of the articles are about the high demand for male and female sex robots with realistic anatomies down to the details of their “genitalia!” I know, it makes you shudder. It is a little hard for me to write about, because it seems vulgar to have to present this topic to you. But it is real. People are actually choosing these robots in some cases over their spouse! Therapist have recommended that some with “uncontrollable libidos” purchase one of these high priced partners to satiate their lust.

Okay, now that I have your attention, perhaps my original premise doesn’t seem too “out there” after all. Remember that the book of Revelation speaks about the “image of the Beast (Revelations 13:14-16)” being able to speak because the false prophet was able to give him breath (pneuma/spirit). For years eschatology preachers have spoken in some detail and with some educated speculation about this eventuality. But never were they able to explain to the satisfaction of many how this would happen. The believer accepted most of this “by faith” and moved on to the next topic.

Those that have been in the occult or have dealt in demonology are aware of the concept of demons being disembodied spirits and thus looking to inhabit a body. This concept is quite common. Some have been aware of poltergeists and how they have tormented and caused fear to paralyze the victims. These “spirits” have inhabited rooms and inanimate objects. So it stands to reason that if a “robot” is made to be more “human” that devious and nefarious spirits would at the least consider using them, if not inhabiting them, for their ulterior and evil purposes.

The illicit sexual use of some robots doesn’t sound nearly as strange when we remember that in the realm of the occult there have been many attacked by demonic manifestations of incubi (male sex spirits) and succubi (female sex spirits). This is a historic, although to some mythical phenomena, that is documented and chronicled for thousands of years. With that in mind, would it be too much to assume that demons would, in order to subvert and pervert Yahweh’s plan, use or even inhabit “sex robots?!” I don’t think so.

Idols, although inanimate, were thought by pagans to be a point of contact, a place where their “false god” could localize and manifest. It is true that they were manmade, but what the pagans worshiped was beyond that. They hoped their false god (demon or fallen angel) would manifest in the idol (stone or clay likeness)!

YOU HAVE NOW BEEN WARNED! It won’t be long till this topic will become as common as many other things you never thought would be subjects of public conversation. Their perversions of God’s plan are now heralded as societal improvements and academic enlightenment.

Today we have to deal with the exponentially accelerated use and abuse of technology and answer questions that are not new, but present themselves in new ways. It is writings like this that seek have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove/expose them (Ephesians 5:11)