Ever wish you knew what someone was thinking? Our thoughts are private for the most part. Some of them we need to give the boot. Some of them we need to, pardon the redundancy, "think about". Here on this blog I am going to let you read my thoughts on relevant matters, as I "think out loud!"

Not only will I give you the opportunity for deeper thinking, some days I will post outlooks for the near and possibly the distant future. You will find this provocative at times. You may have to pray about some things I say. But the times we are living in call for voices of truth and revelation to speak out and inform and in some cases warn.

It is my hope that these posts will enlighten, inspire, and equip your life for the days ahead!

The Battle Is the Lord's

The Battle Is the Lord's

by Rick Bowen on January 18, 2018
The Battle Is the Lord’s (1 Samuel 17:54)! 

This is one of the proclamations David declared as he slew the giant, Goliath of Gath. David then cut off the head of the giant with the giant’s own sword. But the thing I want you to catch is that he took it to Jerusalem!  This trip was app. 20 miles from the site of the battle, a long way to carry a big head! 

Jerusalem at the time seemed to still be in the hands of the Jebusites (A Canaanite Tribe/under the curse). Taking a severed head to an enemy’s camp was another proclamation! “You are next!” We know that David did conquer Jebus and Jebus became the city of David or Jerusalem. 

Fast forward to Jesus, the son of God who was the antitype of David. This seed of the woman (Jesus)  was to bruise the seed of the serpent’s head (Genesis 3:15). Where did he do that? At Calvary (Golgotha/Mark 15:22; John 19:17)). He did it at this historic place. When his heel was bruised (he was crucified, but rose again), he gave his life on the cross at “The Place of the Skull!” Now I am not going to be dogmatic here, even though this conjecture makes much sense. It is said by some that the reason this hill was called Golgotha was because it is where David buried Goliath’s skull. Look at the words, they even look alike (Gol-Gath-a/Remember Goliath was from Gath). If that is the case then Goliath’s head represented the serpents head. No matter what, we know the head of Goliath was taken to Jerusalem, David conquered the city; and Jesus, the root and offspring of David, did die outside the walls of that city at the place of the skull!

The seed of the woman beats the seed of the serpent. David whips Goliath! Jesus whips Satan. God wins against the Devil! The Battle is the LORD’s!

It has always been about the spiritual conflict between Yahweh and the fallen, rebellious Lucifer and his ilk. Every conflict, every altercation, every fight is between good and evil. God and the Devil. So the battle is the Lord’s! The victory is sure. So why are you stressing?! 

In 2018 the body of Christ is going to become increasingly aware of the invisible realm as it relates to the visible. 

The Church is going to become acutely sensitive to the roll it plays in the final conflicts of the age, instead of seeing detached happenings and isolated events as having no relationship with one another. It will see that it is all is connected. It is essential that you know the relationship of the nefarious upheaval with everything that has gone on since the fall of Satan.

As gigantic immoral behaviors and philosophies continue to proliferate and become the launching pads of attacks on our families and churches, a new sense of courage will arise within the bosom of the church. Assurance will envelope and motivate the army of the Lord to rise and go forth and do exploits (Daniel 11:32)! Little David will rise up again against seemingly impossible odds (from the world’s point of view)

When you see so called “science” stick its ugly scrawny warty neck up this year with unethical applications of the advances in technology and discoveries of forbidden knowledge, you will realize that the beast system has advanced behind the scenes for decades, undetected. 

Part of the reason for that is the fine line between advances for the sake of convenience and noble causes of life and the boundary which when crossed leads to man playing God. 

These modern day, nephilim like enemies, spawned and motivated by unethical and immoral incentives, will be ominous! They will catch many off guard with their threats. They will intimidate the ignorant and those in spiritual religious stupors. They will overwhelm the weak hearted compromising lukewarm church. But…

The battle is the Lord’s and that is why we (the ekklesia of Jesus) are surely the winners. Because we are on the Lord’s side!