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Healing Human Will

Healing Human Will

by Rick Bowen on March 3, 2018
Healing The Human Will!
Jesus, though perfect, had a human will. He had to submit it to the divine will of Yahweh and he did (Wilderness/Gethsemane). What an example he was! In order for us to be Christians we must repent. Our will is involved. That is done when we leap into the truth with faith.

Theology calls this Free-Will. We are termed free moral agents. We can live for God, we can live for self, we can sin, we can pretty much choose the path we take.

I don’t want to make that a complicated, morass of thoughts. But there is some dilemmas that we face that seem like an impasse.

We find as we go from day to day, there are some obstacles and there are some challenges. Recently, I have wondered about good Christian people who intellectually know the Word but have a chronic or remerging problem. When this tumult takes place, be it regular, intermittent or chronic the knowledge of the Word SEEMS to disappear.


We are body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes the two latter words have other names like soul and heart. The mind is made up of three aspects, the WILL, the intellect and the emotions.

I have said in the past the will should take the lead here, not the emotions! Upon hearing the Word with the intellect, the will should say to the rationale and emotions, “let me choose the right!” Then emotions can follow with relief and peace and rationale can take its time in coming to an understanding. The spirit of a man is what hears and faiths the truth (a deeper thought).

“I can’t help myself!” This is what the broken will says. Paul found this struggle real in Romans 7 and it seemed hopeless till he got to Romans 8. Check it out.

As I mused the Lord showed me an illustration and thus a revelation. If you ever rent a movie and play it on a CD player on your HD TV, it may be great entertainment until all of a sudden the scene sticks! It’s stuck!! So frustrating!!! But wait! Sometimes a while!! Then it begins again, only you may have missed a few details. Once in a while you have to use the remote to move it to NEXT. Turns out the CD had not been cleaned well enough or it had minute scratches or divots here and there unseen to the eye but picked up by the player thus the problems.

The human will is a complexity that cannot be easily understood at times (Proverbs 3:5,6). When we are born again, our spirit is regenerated instantly. Our body is still mortal (although the better for the new birth) and our mind needs transformation (Romans 12:1,2). We need healing, and we get it even as we mature in Christ. But there are those unseen places where deep injuries have taken their toll. It is HERE that we must submit to the healing of the LORD. When these things emerge take it to the LORD. If it happens again, take it to HIM again. Keep on doing that until complete healing takes place. In a perfect world the ideal is complete health. Does anyone get there completely in this life? I would like to thing so.

But as move toward that mark, we benefit even more from the local body of Christ, trusted leaders and peers, and proven friends of counsel.

The Lord can and will HEAL our will! Instead of saying I wish, I want, I can, we can say I will and follow through.

One more thing…ultimately the human will must be submitted to His will, which itself requires and act of the will. But that is what Jesus did when he said not my will (preference as a human) but thine be done.

(The above is not intended to excuse complacency but rather to help those that when frustrated, are attacked by futility or worse yet demonic interlopers that are opportunists when seeing vulnerability. In your persistence of overcoming these discovered injuries, if you notice a trespassing entity, tell them to “Walk the plank or jump in the lake in Jesus’ Name!” Oh! “And don’t come back, you are not welcome here!”)