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Your Network

by Rick Bowen on January 19, 2018
“Does your net work?!” In Mark 1:19, we notice James and John were mending their nets. These fishing nets were used over and over and needed to be repaired, or else they wouldn’t work, thus, “net not work!” I am using a play on words to illustrate your domain and your influence. These are folks you know that you impact, even unwittingly. This network includes those you reach out to within that group of acquaintances that surround our life. Does your net work? Are you being effective in your influence?

Again in Luke 5:2 two were “washing their nets!” For these nets to work optimally they required attention. What attention are you giving the people in your circle of influence? Some you have not met yet. Let your light so shine before men so they can see your good works and glorify the Father (Matthew 5:16)! Maybe some relationships need repair, perhaps a little conflict resolution. I am talking about your network, not everyone in the world. There are extenuating circumstances.

As 2018 begins, its time to “wash” our nets. Make sure that your integrity is intact. Check your motives and emotions. Allow the blood of Jesus and its sanctifying power cleanse you afresh. Allow the Word of God (Ephesians 5:26) to purge that debris and the cumulative baggage of life that collects around the periphery of our daily experience.

Repair your nets! When you have allowed things to slip, i.e. your devotion, your fellowship, your worship, your diligent study, or your witness, you might need to do a little mending. 

Ultimately, you want your network to work or you want your net to work, thus NETWORK. The people that are part of your life need that even if they don’t know it. 

Now! Let down your net for a catch at the Word of the Lord and see the results that obedience brings (Luke 5:4-11)! Yep your net works!