In a world that is torn by war and strife, at a time when terror lurks in the darkness of the unknown, and at the most critical time in earth's history, the desire for peace is more relevant than ever.
Again, as in days gone by, this has become the cry of certain segments of our culture. Some make signs for it and gesture with their hands. Songs are written about it. Many want the nation and the world to just "Give Peace a Chance!"
It sounds good, even spiritual, yet, what does it really mean? Has there ever really been a time in this earth's history when all nations were totally at peace? Even when there was no fighting, wasn't there "The Cold War?" Anxiety and fear gripped hearts about potential outbreaks of bloody fighting or even a nuclear holocaust. Kids went through frequent drills at school, kneeling around the walls or under their desks with their arms over their heads.

And don't forget the family that is torn by internal conflict and dissension! There is the life that is ravaged by drug addiction. Then there is the quest to out do the acquaintance that has seemed to find success at every turn.
What is peace?
You might be surprised to know that peace is more than the absence of conflict. The Hebrew word, "Shalom" is one word that is translated peace in the Bible. This word was a comprehensive statement of wholeness and well-being. It included the absence of inner turmoil and also meant prosperity.
Peace is not some cheap, trite word that someone throws out in a protest that is often not peaceful itself. Peace ensues when there is a right relationship with God!
God desires so much to be at peace with us that He has sent his Son to die on the cross so that we might have peace with him (Romans 5:1). You see, peace with God means that there is nothing between us and Him that prevents His flow of favor and blessing into our lives. Since man is inherently sinful, this can only be done through Jesus Christ. He stood in our place and took our penalty so that we might have peace with God.

After we are at peace with God, the peace of God can freely flow into our lives and out of our hearts to others. Surely you desire to have this abiding peace today.

Prayer of Peace-
God, sometimes I am very disturbed about the world and even my own circumstances. I don't want inner turmoil to get the best of me. Jesus, I invite you into my heart. I accept your sacrifice on my behalf. I want your peace. I give up trying to have it my way, I want yours!
In Jesus Name, Amen