Welcome to the SOAR Bible Course. Soar is the opposite of CRASH. But it is still a quick overview of the Bible given in 5 one hour sessions. SOAR is also an acronym meaning the obvious. Flying higher. But it also be broken down into Swords Out And Ready! 

In this course Pastor Rick will teach the following primary topics pertaining to your Bible
1. What is the Bible?
2. How did we get the Bible?
3. What is the Bible About?
4. What is the Bible For?
5. How to Study the Bible!

Each session can be viewed online on Victory Temple's Facebook Page or Rumble at Victory Temple Streaming
Each evening the prepared study guide for the above listed topics will be included below in PDF format, where you can open, download, and study along with us. Please join us as we launch you into a new realm of understanding, appreciation, and application of YOUR Bible!