Too often we wander aimlessly through the years of our lives, only to look back with heart-rending regret. But, your life can be one of great purpose and meaning.

At Victory Temple, we have a way to help each individual find that meaning. Come discover your purpose as you take Winning Steps. This series of activities will lead you one step at a time into your God Ordained Purpose.

Power Advance is offered in two parts.
1. Obtain and read the book: Victory Over The Darkness by Neil T. Anderson. It can also be ordered with a study guide. You can find it at Amazon or other online mail order sources. This book will assist you in dealing with the baggage that tries to cling to you after you become a Christian. Fleshly enticements and demonic conflicts are common dilemmas that everyone deals with once they become Christians. But many don't know how to break free. Now you can do that by following Biblical Principles. This books will get you started in the right direction.

Quantum Leap
2. If you are ready to take an online test of your personality, spiritual gifts mix, and *leadership style, please register by contacting Pastor Rick at the office 765-289-1650. There is a 100 dollar fee for a 27 page printout of your results and a personal 30 minutes review by Pastor Rick. Pastor Rick is a Certified Behavioral Coach and can give you some detailed information about your results!